Journey Kids represents the children's ministry associated with The Journey. We are passionate about helping kids and their families take their next steps towards Jesus. We offer programs for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary age kids through 6th grade.

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Child Dedication

Click here to learn more about child dedications at The Journey. Let us know if you are interested in dedicating your child(ren) by completing this form. If you have any questions, email Kara at kara@thejourneynova.org.

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At-Home Teaching Materials

Lessons for June 4th

  Here you will find our teaching materials and videos used in our Sunday

     experience so parents and guardians can be the primary spiritual

influencers in the lives of their kids. 

  • Preschool, PRe-K, & Kindergarten Experience

    Please click here for Journey Kids Preschool and Kindergarten Video

    This Week's Bible Story: Paul Becomes a Believer

                                                  Acts 9:1-9


    Basic Truth: Who wants to be your friend forever?

                       Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

    Watch the video then practice the memory verse and use the Parent Guide below to talk to your preschooler about who has a plan for them.

    June Memory Verse:

    “Jesus said, ‘Come follow me.’”

    Matthew 4:19, NCV

    Preschool/Pre-K/Kindergarten Parent Guide: 

    An easy-to-use guide with activities and discussion prompts.

  • ELEMENTARY Experience

    Please click here for 1st and 2nd grade video

    Please click here for 3rd thru 6th grade video

    This Week’s Bible Story:

    Bottom Line: God is with you even when you don't have answers.

    Watch the video then discuss the key question as a family. For more questions and to dive deeper, check out the Kid Devotional, and Parent Guide below. 

    Discussion Questions:

    • What does the word “faith” mean in your own words?
    • Did Saul have faith in Jesus before he walked the road to Damascus?
    • What happened to Saul that changed his faith?
    • Does knowing Jesus change the way you see things in your life? How?

    June Memory Verse: 

    “Faith is being sure of what we hope for. 

    It is being sure of what we do not see.”

    Hebrews 11:1, NIrV

    Parent Guides:

    An easy-to-use guide with fun activities and discussion prompts, so families can review the video presentations and talk about what to do with what you've learned. 

    Devotional for kids that reinforce the weekly video lessons:

At-Home Resources

We want to equip you to have spiritual conversations at home. The Parent Cue App is one tool we provide to help you facilitate conversation and support your children.

The Parent Cue App - This free app gives parents weekly cues that are aligned with the content in the video presentations.