Grocery Store Buy-Out

Love NOVA  will be "buying-out" the Giant at Springfield Plaza on Saturday, November 19th. All food donated will benefit Koinonia Food Bank's Thanksgiving Meals program, and Key Middle School! 

Shopping Lists

Shop at the Giant in Springfield Plaza on Saturday, November 19th from 9-11am and donate items at the tables outside. Use the Grocery Store Buy-Out Shopping List for a list of items to help Love NOVA build Holiday Baskets or items for Key Middle School. 


Love NOVA is a 401c3 Nonprofit Organization. All donations are tax deductible. We so appreciate your financial support as we work to bring people together to provide assistance to our neighbors in need.


PayPal - WeLoveNOVA


We would love your help to serve on various teams in and around the Springfield Plaza Giant on Saturday, November 19th. 

Click here to volunteer!


Also, please spread the word and ask your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to help buy-out Giant and make Thanksgiving special for our community!