Young Adult Fellowship!

This fellowship group is specifically for young adults, roughly ages 20-35 without children. We meet as a large group altogether once a quarter. Additionally, each month we'll plan one social outing in the community to help build friendships, and one time of open discussions about spiritual issues relevant to this stage of life.

Upcoming Events:

April 26th, 7pm @The Journey- Work/Life Balance- break-out discussions

April 28th, 9am & noon @Key Middle School- Young Adult packing table at Generosity Feeds

May 11th, 10am @Great Falls Park- Hiking

May 24th, 7pm @The Journey- Drawing the Line, Boundaries & Changing Relationships Discussion

June 8th, 6pm @TheJourney- Grill & Chill BBQ- quarterly large group gathering

Join our App Group to stay up-to-date on events and meet other members: https://thejourneynova.churchcenter.com/groups/affinity-groups/young-adult-fellowship

Any questions? Contact Kathleen@thejourneynova.org