Welcome to Journey Teens!

Parents of teens: We pray you are all continuing to adjust to the weekly and daily changes and challenges this crazy time has brought to us all. We know you are working hard to ensure your teens and other family members are taken care of, balancing their mental health and physical health; wanting to stay safe but also yearning for connections with people. We want to help. We are here. If you need to talk, have questions or concerns about your teens or this ministry, we'd love to connect. Email me, stop me at church on Sundays, stop in when you pick up your teen from Refuel, whatever you need. We are here for you and your teens. Being a parent isn't ever easy. We know it's even harder right now.

We'd love to see your teen(s) in-person on Sundays at church or at Refuel, or virtually on our Tuesday Zoom calls. Whatever level of comfort you all have, we completely understand. See below for updates on our schedule!

-Ryan McGhee, Teen Director, teens@thejourneynova.org

Teen Conference

Don't Waste Your Desert Teen Conference

Friday, Feb. 19 & Saturday, Feb. 20 | The Journey

7th-12th grade students are invited to our two-day Teen Conference! The pandemic has created a feeling of isolation and unplanned solitude for many of us - our own desert experience. We'll come together (socially distanced!) to discuss the ways in which God is working on our own hearts and minds to build more emotionally healthy kingdom workers in the midst of the pandemic.